Acupuncture is the act of putting a sharp, small, sterile needle into a point in the body for a desired effect.  The good news about acupuncture in pets is there is no placebo effect.  In many patients it makes a significant difference after the first treatment.  Every patient is different however, most patients do better if their first treatments are 7-10 days apart.  Acupuncture in pets works great for chronic kidney disease, urine leaking, arthritis, decreased of appetite and energy, paralysis, IVDD, hip disease and some GI diseases.


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Laser Therapy


Laser Therapy uses wavelengths of light to treat a multitude of different ailments including chronic pain, orthopedic diseases, skin disease and inflammation.  The laser does not emit heat so cats and dogs generally do not mind a treatment, even if they are in severe pain.  The laser works by enhancing mitochondrian in the organelle to make more energy and allow the cells to heal themselves.  In turn, inflammation and pain are reduced.